Rental Terms and Agreement

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Staging 360 Incorporated DBA Wellroomed (hereinafter “Staging 360”) will provide to Client, on a rental basis, the furnishings and decorative accessories listed above or subsequently added to this Agreement (collectively “Furnishings”) at the premises designated on rental order:

Terms & Payment

Client agrees to pay all invoices associate with Premises for all Furnishings and services provided by Staging 360, as described above. Client agrees to pay for the entire rental period. Client may terminate this agreement by notice to Staging 360 if the Premises are sold, rented, or taken off the market prior to the completion of the minimum rental period or any extension of the rental period, but any remaining balance for the minimum rental period (or if the period was extended, then also for the extended rental period) shall be due in full, without pro-ration.  This Agreement will be automatically extended on a month-to-month basis if not timely canceled by Client as described below. Subsequent payments are due five days prior to the beginning of each new monthly rental period and will be charged to the credit card on file. Rental periods are not prorated.

If at any time rental fees due remain unpaid, Staging 360 has the right to enter the Premises and recover and remove all of its Furnishings, and Client shall give Staging 360 prompt access to the Premises to do so. There are no refunds of any fees for Furnishings or services if Client terminates this Agreement during the initial rental period or any extensions, or if Staging 360 terminates this Agreement for Client default. Unpaid amounts shall accrue a late charge of 1.5% of the amount unpaid per month. If Client does not provide timely access to Staging 360 to recover Furnishings at the end of this Agreement, rent for an additional month may be charged.


If Client wishes to hold items, Client may request a single one-month hold. Held items will require a deposit of the first month’s rental plus delivery and design fee (if applicable). The entire amount of the deposit will be applied to the first rental period for held items only if the Client confirms and accepts delivery of the items within the two weeks of placing the hold deposit. If Client cancels the hold in writing within the first two weeks, Staging 360 will refund by credit card one-half of the merchandise portion of the deposit, delivery charge, and the installation portion of the design fee (if applicable). The deposit is due in full on the first day of the paid hold period. If Client fails to pay the holding deposit, Staging 360 will remove the hold and will no longer guarantee the availability of items. Deposits for canceled holds will not be applied to any future rentals.

Termination of Rental

If Client wishes to terminate the rental the Client must contact Staging 360 no less than five (5) business days prior to the renewal date. Cancellations of less than 5 business days will not cancel the subscription for the upcoming month.

Deliveries and Pick-ups

Client is responsible to secure unobstructed building access including but not limited to the dock, elevator, and parking for Staging 360 delivery and pick up.

Client is responsible to assure that Furnishings will fit into the designated area and through entrances, hallways, stairways, and exits to ease item placement. If an item does not fit or there is insufficient access for delivery, Staging 360 will remove the item and may be subjected to a cancellation charge for the item.

Client or a representative must be present during both delivery and pick-up. Client must inspect the Furnishings prior to the departure of the delivery team to verify receipt and condition of all items. It is the Client’s responsibility to review or inspect Staging 360’s property upon delivery and pick-up. At delivery, Client must sign the delivery checklist and notify Staging 360 Customer Service of any problems, damages, questions or anything of the sort before the delivery team departs. If Client is not present for delivery and/or fails to sign the delivery checklist identifying any damage, all items shall be deemed delivered in good condition, and Client will be liable for any damage identified by Staging 360 upon pick-up.

If Staging 360 designated moving team causes damage to other property upon delivery or pick-up (other than personal property that obstructs access and was not removed by Client as provided above), Staging 360 will repair or replace the damaged property at its cost.

Client’s responsibility for any item of Furnishings ends only when it is removed by Staging 360’s employees or agents. Any other attempted disposition will not relieve Client of responsibility.

Other Terms

  1. Staging 360 retains ownership of all Furnishings. Client has no property or ownership interest therein.
  2. At all times during this Agreement, Staging 360 and its designated agents shall be given access to the Premises on one day notice to inspect the Furnishings.
  3. Client shall pay Staging 360 the full cost of repair of items returned or removed in damaged condition, or if not repairable to original delivered condition, as determined by Staging 360, or if lost or stolen during Client’s possession, then liquidated damages equal to twenty times the original rental charge of the item. Client acknowledges that the reasonableness of this charge to compensate Staging 360 for the administrative costs of replacement as well that some properties may not be replaceable and that the loss to Staging 360 may not be subject to calculation. Staging 360 remains responsible for damage to its property caused by its employees or agents during delivery of its property.
  4. Except for Staging 360’s responsibility for damage to Client property described above, Client shall hold Staging 360 harmless for and indemnify Staging 360 against as to any and all claims of liability that may be made by or against Client or Staging 360 as a consequence of providing Furnishings at the Premises. including any and all associated expenses and costs of defense.
  5. The laws of the State of Illinois shall govern this Agreement. Any dispute between the parties that cannot be resolved must be submitted to binding arbitration under the rules of and administered by the American Arbitration Association rather than being brought in a court of law. Staging 360 shall be entitled to reimbursement of all costs and expenses incurred in enforcing this Agreement.
  6. Any provision of this Agreement held to be void or unenforceable under any applicable law shall be deemed stricken and all remaining provisions of the Agreement shall continue to bind both parties.
  7. This Agreement together with all orders that supplement this Agreement is a complete statement of the understanding and agreement between the parties hereto. No representation or agreement is relied upon by either party that is not memorialized in this Agreement. This Agreement may not be modified or altered in any way, except by a written agreement signed by all parties to this Agreement.
  8. The parties hereto agree that Staging 360 makes no representations or warranties regarding the effectiveness of its Furnishings in advertising and/or selling the Premises.